Let us make your computer like new again! A number of issues can arise as we use our computers.


  • Even the most concienteous user can get a virus. Hackers are becoming more resourceful and devious and can trip up the best of users
  • Websites that we use daily may become infected which may infect your computer while innocently using the website
  • Attachments in emails may contain a virus or malware
  • Links make take you to infected sites
  • Don’t make the mistake and call a phone number that appears on your screen…call Nexgen


  • Additional disc space may be needed for data
  • Useless or temp files may take unnecessary space
  • New applications may need additional space
  • Windows updates may need additional space


  • “Blue” or black screen
  • Computer will not boot

Nexgen will help:

  • We will offer support at your location if needed
  • Drop off your computer at Postnet for a more economical solution when possible
    • Visit our “Contact Us” page for location and the hours we are open for drop off and pickup times that are convenient and match your busy schedule