Technology for Small Business Success

Enhance Your Company’s Capabilities by Implementing the Right Technology. We’ll help you decide which technologies are right for your business

Deciding on which technology (hardware, software or service) to incorporate into your business can be a daunting task. Manufacturers and vendors may hype their technology as a must have in order to run your business effectively. Friends or peers will also give you information on the latest hype that you should implement.

Don’t implement just for technology’s sake

Where do you start? How do you determine which technology to implement? How do you separate hype from reality? While it may be obvious, we have seen small businesses implement new technologies without understanding its impact, associated support and maintenance, or the real business benefit. You should never implement a new technology for the sake of the technology.

Benefit from our experience

NexGen Consulting has over 40 years of experience in managing and supporting IT networks for small businesses. We will assist you to help you make the right decision based on YOUR needs and YOUR budget. Many businesses require special and specific technologies, we will work with your vendor to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Get peace of mind with security, backup and disaster strategies

No matter what type of business, there are specific technologies that we recommend to all clients. For example, we recommend that all companies implement IT security strategies to protect the network, data, and users. We also recommend disaster recovery plans and will assist in developing what is needed for your business.

Understand how mobile technologies can boost your business

Mobility solutions have become an everyday reality to enable flexible work schedules and enhance productivity while traveling. Connecting remote users and locations can help you expand and grow your company across time zones or geographic boundaries.

We help you benefit from emerging technologies–when the time is right

Emerging technologies are always intriguing and in general, small businesses are slower to adopt them. However, some companies are forced to implement earlier than they would like because of vendor, supplier or partner needs. We’ll help you choose the right technology and the right timing for your business.